I’m blacksweet, how about you? ^_^

Hello guys, I’m coming again!

I stop by this blog to tell you about some information you may need it, especially if you are not Indonesian and want to know about some Indonesian stuff. Well, this time I’m gonna talk about Indonesian skin color. Why? because I find myself having difficulty to explain the compliment of “Hitam manis”, in which Indonesian people often call. Basically, native Indonesian people inherit  Southeast-Asian-skin type which is tend to have darker skin tone rather than East Asia such as .. as you know, Korean, Chinese, or Japanesse. The skin tones of Indonesian people are ranging from yellow to light brown to very dark brown or black skin color. Light brown and very dark brown are the most common skin tone in Indonesia, if you ask me.

We are proudly to say that our skin is”kuning langsat”  when we have yellow skin tone and  “sawo matang” when we tend to have light brown to dark brown skin tone. Furthermore, we say “hitam manis” to deliver a compliment to whom she (or he) own a bit darker skin. Well the terminology of blacksweet, which is literal translation of “hitam manis” as we know already, is kinda compliment which darker-skinned Indonesian people proudly call themselves. So, instead of beautful, we -Indonesian people- use term blackseweet which refers to, anyway, beautiful.  I find an interesting rhetorical question from someone’s blog about what blackweet meant to be,  whether it intend to say beautiful because of darker skin..or..beautiful despite of darker skin…lol.

Next, I’m gonna talk about the term “sawo matang.” Sawo, in indonesian is the fruit of sapodilla (Manilkara zapota). Its fruite color is well explain  Indonesian skin tone. Matang here indicate the ripe fruit. As we know that sapodilla’s color become darker when it ripes and tend to have fair color when it is unripe. I remember everytime I complained about my “black” skin tone, my mom always says,”you’re not black, dear. your skin tone just like a ripe sapodilla fruits, well.. a bit too much ripe.” lol lol lol!  this is actually a joke to state that your skin is dark (NOT BLACK), well darker than the usual dark people..(the underlying implication is that your skin is in dilema, whether you refer it to black or dark).

Last but not least, I’ll try to explain what kuning langsat meant. Langsat is a fruit of Southeast Asia, from the plant Lansium duranum, which is more or less similar to a grapefruit. the color is yellow which well describe the yellow skin tone looks like.

I think people  in Indonesia usually call a woman with this skin tone as beautiful instead of sweet, and thus very seldom to call the blacksweet as beautiful. I know this is not fair, but  this is what happens anyway. I really appreciate when bule, a term to refer foreigner (usually the fair skin people) admire the dark skin tone. they do tanning to have similar skin tone like me lol! some opinions mention that Europeans and Americans have sought tanned skin as a sign of wealth, and therefore perceived beauty. If so, I hope this paradigm can be adopted in my country to shift the common paradigm into the new paradigm that dark skin tone can be categorized as beautiful as well as sweet. ^^


I want to thanks to this blog: http://indonesiaful.com/2013/01/28/indonesia-race-black-bule-indian/ for giving me inspiration to write about Indonesian skin tone

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